10 01, 2019

Federal Solar Tax Credit Being Reduced after 2019

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With the onset of this new year there is an important solar update that homeowners should be aware of. After 2019, the Federal Solar Tax Credit will be going down. The Federal Solar Tax Credit (also known as the Investment Tax Credit or ITC) will go from 30% to 26% after 2019. Disclaimer: This content is [...]

7 01, 2019

How businesses and public entities can pay for solar

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So your organization is considering going solar, but there’s concern about how to pay for it and a bit of confusion about the solar financing options available. That’s pretty common, so here’s a quick primer on the main ways a business, educational institution or public organization can pay for solar, including purchasing or leasing a system, [...]

3 01, 2019

Solar incentives, policies and advocacy: 5 info-packed sites to save and share

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Solar incentives, policies and advocacy: 5 info-packed sites to save and share As you might imagine, there’s a ton of solar information available to business leaders, but where to begin? We’ve handpicked five great sites that offer insight into the latest solar incentives and policies, in addition to the activism that’s shaping them both. Whether you’re [...]

31 12, 2018

CARTOON: Well, that’s one way of installing battery storage for solar power

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Wondering how to implement battery storage for solar power, or whether it even makes sense for your organization? Solar energy storage is a rapidly developing clean energy technology, so there’s a lot to keep up with.  It doesn’t look like the gentleman in the cartoon above is going to be able to successfully answer your questions [...]

27 12, 2018

PACE Financing Helps Businesses Go Solar

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Property Assessed Clean Energy financing or "PACE" can make it easier for owners of commercial, industrial, multifamily and nonprofit properties to obtain low-cost, long-term financing for renewable energy projects. Your business or organization can apply for 100 percent financing for clean energy improvements such as installing solar. (The program is also available to homeowners in California, Florida and [...]

23 12, 2018

Funding Commercial Solar Projects

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Not so long ago your choice for financing a new solar energy system was simple—come up with the money to pay for it. Today, the solar industry is more financially sophisticated, offering a number of different ways to make this renewable energy resource a reality. The key is to find the commercial solar funding option that [...]

19 12, 2018

Leveraging SMART To Maximize Solar Value

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As one of the leading clean energy initiatives in the U.S., the Massachusetts SMART (Solar Massachusetts Renewable Target) Solar Program incentivizes a wide array of solar installation types and sizes. As you are making decisions about your solar deployment, it pays—literally—to understand how capacity and system type affect incentive-boosting opportunities under the SMARTMassachusetts solar incentive. SMART aims to add [...]

11 12, 2018

Learn About Battery Storage For Commercial Solar Power

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In the last few years, commercial battery storage technology has advanced rapidly—making solar battery storage a practical option for many organizations. This video explains how to lower electricity costs using battery storage to reduce utility demand charges. Watch and see if a commercial battery storage solution might make sense for your organization. contact Precis Solar or call [...]

7 12, 2018

What’s The Best Renewable Energy For You?

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You want your company to use renewable energy, but you don’t have a clue about your options or how to weigh them. Don’t worry. It’s an increasingly common challenge as renewables gain in popularity.  There are seven main types of commercial renewable energy. All of them reinforce sustainable business practices, but—just like fossil fuels—all of them come with unique [...]