Why solar industry leaders should support solar advocacy

SunPower by Precis, a Southern California leader in solar panel installations, is proud to support local advocacy to bring solar to the mainstream in California. We’re starting with Vote Solar, an Oakland-based nonprofit that works across the country advocating for solar policies and programs at the state-level.

Vote Solar’s mission is to protect and expand solar markets nationwide. They began right here in California 15 years ago (some might remember them as the Vote Solar Initiative), and now operate in work in more than 20 states.

What does it take to protect and expand solar markets across the country? Usually, it involves a mix of legislative and lawmaker education, regulatory intervention, and empowering solar’s mightiest force: the public.

In California, Vote Solar is currently focused on two bills: one to expand community solar options in lower income and disadvantaged communities, and another to require that all new commercial buildings and residences include solar or another form of renewable energy.

Vote Solar is a nonprofit, membership-supported organization. It’s free to join Vote Solar, and members are empowered with information and tools when they’re called upon to protect solar and clean energy policies in their state.

To learn more about how you can help Vote Solar and influence solar laws in California visit https://votesolar.org/

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