Switching to eco-friendly solar power with SunPower® is a long-term investment, generating clean energy for 25 to 30 years or more. Protecting this investment is crucial, and that’s where SunPower’s Complete Confidence Warranty shines. Understanding solar warranties is essential, and SunPower’s warranty stands out for several reasons:

1. Comprehensive Coverage: SunPower’s warranty covers your entire solar system, not just solar panels. It includes panels, microinverters, racking, monitoring hardware, and storage (for 10 years), ensuring complete peace of mind.

2. Lowest Degradation Rate:  SunPower panels have the industry’s lowest degradation rate, losing only 8% of their original power output over 25 years compared to conventional panels, which often lose at least 17%. This means SunPower systems deliver more energy over the decades, even during less-than-ideal weather conditions.

3. Durable Design: SunPower panels are built with a solid copper foundation, making them resilient against weathering and corrosion. Their ultra-pure silicon and anti-reflective glass technology maximize power generation, ensuring superior performance.

4. Expert Support: As a SunPower dealer, we offer a seamless transition to solar. We provide hassle-free replacements, repairs, or reimbursements for any defective panel or part covered by your warranty, ensuring your system performs optimally.

SunPower’s unmatched warranty, coupled with our expertise, empowers homeowners to save on electricity bills and reduce their carbon footprint effectively. Experience the SunPower advantage – request your FREE quote today and embark on your sustainable energy journey!