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Bringing The Power Of The Sun To Your Property

SunPower by Precis proudly serves residential and commercial properties throughout Southern California including Riverside, Temecula, Moreno Valley and beyond. Our name has been associated as a leader in the solar panel industry for more than 40 years, and we take our reputation seriously. We design and install solar solutions developed with our customers’ needs in mind:

At SunPower by Precis, we stand apart from the other Riverside solar companies with our uncompromising dedication to quality and building customer relationships. With upfront pricing and honest, informative advice, our knowledgeable solar installation experts can help to determine your energy needs and recommend the appropriate solution for your property. Stop overpaying for energy and make the switch today!

Wind & Solar Energy Combine To Power Your Property

Hybrid electric systems are some of the most reliable and effective energy systems available commercially. By combining the power of the sun with the power of wind, you can enjoy the benefits that each system has to offer.

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With hybrid systems, you can ensure that your home is covered, no matter what. Your hybrid solar energy system will provide the energy you need during the long, warm days of summer when wind speeds are minimal. The wind energy system can then take over during the chilly, gusty winter months – and you never have to worry about your energy needs again. At SunPower by Precis, our highly trained team of Riverside County solar experts can help you to determine which of our top-quality systems are right for you.

Southern California’s Trusted Source For Solar

Southern California is known for its swimming pools and beautiful sunny weather. These work together when you decide to install a dependable solar energy system to heat your pool. It’s an easy and affordable way to keep your pool at a comfortable temperature between the months of April and September when you and your family use your pool the most.

Unique Systems Designed For You
Because thermal PV panels by SunPower® are modular, our Riverside County residential solar experts can design and install a system that matches the size of your pool and the space available.

Heating for Indoor Pools
Heating for Hot Tubs
Heating for Outdoor Pools
Heating for Spas and Saunas


In addition to dramatically reducing fuel bills for pool heating, solar panel arrays used for your swimming pool can also be linked to your property’s hot water system to provide a combined solution for both pool heating and hot water, further reducing your monthly bills. The financial benefits of making the switch to solar are substantial, and for some homeowners, their electric bills can be eliminated altogether with the installation of a comprehensive solar energy system.

Become Energy Independent

There are many reasons for looking into off-grid power generation: Perhaps you live off the beaten path where the sun is plentiful but access to the grid is scarce, or maybe you simply want the stability of being independent of the energy grid. At SunPower by Precis, our passionate team of Southern California’s solar technicians is ready to assist you in creating the perfect off-grid solar energy system for your home.


Unlike on-grid solar energy systems which are connected to the electricity grid and use its power outside of peak-production hours, an off-grid system functions completely independently. While the sun is shining and abundant, our high-quality SunPower solar panels accommodate your energy needs. But instead of being put back onto the grid, the energy that was not used is transferred to a high-capacity battery to be used for nights or cloudy days. Our Southern California’s solar experts conduct a thorough, detailed analysis of your energy usage to determine the capacity you will need to ensure the best possible experience.