California’s Net Energy Metering (NEM) policy encourages solar energy use by crediting excess electricity generated by solar panel owners. With the recent update, NEM 3.0, there are key changes to be aware of:

1. Reduced Credits: Homeowners will receive reduced credits for excess solar energy based on utilities’ avoided generation costs, potentially lowering financial benefits compared to previous versions.

2. Time-of-Use Rates: NEM 3.0 introduces time-of-use rates, varying by time and season. Homeowners must optimize energy usage to maximize savings during peak and off-peak periods.

3. Interconnection Fees:  Solar panel owners will incur interconnection fees based on system size and grid connection costs.

Act now! To maintain NEM 2.0 rates and regulations, submit your Interconnection Application package before April 13, 2023, 5 pm PST. Time is crucial; connect with your solar provider early to meet the deadline. Request your FREE quote today and navigate these changes with confidence. Stay informed about NEM 3.0’s impact on your solar energy system.