When considering the switch to solar energy, homeowners often face the dilemma of making a substantial investment. To ensure this investment pays off in the long run, it’s crucial to evaluate potential solar providers thoroughly. Here are four key areas to focus on when selecting the right solar system for your home:

1. Degradation:

The durability of solar panels directly impacts their longevity and efficiency. Conventional panels often suffer from degradation over time due to exposure to weather and temperature fluctuations. SunPower’s innovative solar cells, designed with a robust copper backing, resist damage and outlast traditional panels. This design ensures homeowners enjoy decades of high-efficiency solar energy, making SunPower panels a reliable choice.

2. Warranty:

Not all warranties offer the same level of protection. Choosing a reputable company with a proven track record is essential. SunPower, with over 36 years in the solar industry, provides homeowners with the security of a comprehensive 25-year warranty covering every component of their solar system. This all-encompassing warranty simplifies the process, ensuring homeowners deal with only one company—SunPower—for any issues that may arise.

3. ITC (Investment Tax Credit):

The federal solar investment tax credit (ITC) presents a significant benefit to homeowners adopting renewable energy. With the recent extension, homeowners can capitalize on a 26% tax credit on their solar system installation cost in 2021. This incentive, set to decrease to 22% in 2023, makes 2021 an ideal time to invest in solar energy, providing substantial financial advantages.

4. Efficiency:

Solar panel efficiency directly impacts savings. SunPower leads the market with the most efficient panels, producing 55% more energy over 25 years than conventional panels within the same space. Specifically engineered with a unique light-trapping surface, SunPower panels harness ultraviolet and infrared rays, maximizing energy generation. This efficiency not only saves homeowners money but also allows for further system expansion, even in limited rooftop spaces.

The Bottom Line:

Choosing a solar provider involves considering more than just the initial cost. Homeowners benefit most by understanding the value of a solar system. SunPower’s extensive network of local dealers, equipped with in-depth solar expertise, assists homeowners in designing and installing systems tailored to their energy needs. These professionals ensure homeowners make the most out of their solar investment.

For personalized guidance and expert advice, locate a SunPower dealer near you using our dealer locator tool. Make an informed choice and embrace the future of sustainable energy.

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