Investing in solar panels offers both environmental benefits and long-term energy savings. Most solar panels come with a 25-to-30-year warranty, but in reality, they can last anywhere from 25 to 40 years or even more. Although panels slowly degrade over time, modern solar panel degradation rates have significantly improved, typically ranging between 0.1% to 0.8% loss per year.

To calculate the projected output of your solar panels after a specific number of years, multiply the degradation rate by the desired years and subtract that number from 100%. For instance, with a 0.5% degradation rate, panels will still produce 87.5% of their original output after 25 years. Moreover, since solar panels lack moving parts and endure no damage from wind or debris, they can continue generating power for decades.

Manufacturers offer both equipment warranties, certifying against defects, and performance warranties, guaranteeing a specific electricity output. The performance warranty, usually lasting 25 years, provides homeowners with a reliable estimate of their solar panel system’s electricity production over time.

Additionally, the carbon footprint of solar panels is significantly lower than their lifespan. The energy payback time (EPBT), the duration it takes for a solar panel to produce enough clean electricity to offset the energy used during its manufacturing, has drastically decreased due to advanced technology. In fact, recent analyses indicate an EPBT of just six months, highlighting the environmental efficiency of solar panel production.

Embracing solar energy not only saves money but also contributes to a sustainable future. With solar panels lasting decades and continuously improving technology, it’s the perfect time to make the eco-conscious choice. Don’t wait—join the solar revolution, save on energy costs, and make a positive impact on the environment for years to come!

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