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Whether you are interested in preserving the environment for future generations, or if you want to add to your property’s value, the bottom line is that installing a powerful solar energy system will help you save on your monthly utility bills. For most people, this is the ultimate benefit to going green with SunPower by Precis.

Lower Your Electricity Bill

Solar initiatives, federal tax credits, and money-savings rebates combine with the power of durable and long-lasting SunPower technology will save your property for years to come. Many of our customers even find that their monthly bills are eliminated completely with powerful solar energy systems that produce more that your property needs.

More than that, installing clean, reliable solar energy in Riverside County protects your property and your wallet, safeguarding you from the ever-rising costs of traditional energy from your local utility company.

Raise Your Property Value

It is a fact that your property’s value increases by $20 for every $1 that you save in on your monthly energy bill. This adds up to tens of thousands of dollars over the lifetime of your SunPower panels. Properties and homes with solar energy panels also sell faster than homes without solar as having a beautiful system installed greatly increases your home’s curb appeal.

A Reliable Energy Investment

Investing in solar energy can bring higher returns over stocks, bonds, or other money market funds. In fact, the pre-taxed rate of return on a solar energy system averages about 15% to 25%, which is exceptional in the investment world.

Environmental Savings

Perhaps the best savings potential by switching to solar in Riverside County is that you do your part to save the planet for future generations. Making the switch to solar means that you are not relying on coal, oil, or other “dirty” energy sources, reducing your carbon footprint and taking advantage of the energy of the future.