Environmental concerns are more pressing than ever, and innovative solutions are emerging to combat rising emissions. Electric Vehicles (EVs) have witnessed a surge in manufacturing thanks to buyback programs, affordable prices, and government incentives, making them accessible to people worldwide. In 2021, EVs captured an 11.8% market share, and this upward trend is expected to continue in 2022.

Joe Biden’s Build Back Better plan facilitates the transition to eco-friendly transportation in the United States. A significant portion of the $1 trillion plan, $5 billion, is dedicated to green infrastructure, including high-voltage charging stations along major highways. An additional $2.5 billion is allocated to enhance EV accessibility and create state tax incentives, making electric vehicles more affordable for all Americans. This comprehensive approach not only promotes sustainable transportation but also generates thousands of green jobs, contributing to an American manufacturing resurgence.

Transportation is an essential aspect of daily life, and developing eco-friendly alternatives to reduce carbon emissions is imperative. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, all-electric EVs produce zero direct emissions. When considering your next vehicle, choosing an electric option can have a significant impact. Take advantage of buyback programs and tax incentives to make the transition to eco-friendly transportation an affordable and environmentally responsible choice. Additionally, powering your EV with an EV charging system supplied by your solar electric setup is a sustainable way to keep it charged and ready for your journeys.