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Demand Better Solar™

Unlike other companies, SunPower design and engineer every part of our solar solutions to provide better performance, easier use, and excellent value over time. The SunPower® Helix™ platform offers high-quality solar in three formats to fit all types of facilities, from tool-free rooftop installation to customer carport solutions.

Helix commercial solar panels

Three Kinds of Solar to Suit Your Diverse Needs

Helix™ Roof

SunPower precision-engineered the complete Helix™ Roof system for more energy and higher reliability than conventional solar.
A completed installation of the precision-engineered Helix™ Roof

Helix™ Tracker

Helix™ Tracker combines the advantages of high-efficiency panels, single-axis tracking, and a proven design approach.
Technicians working on an existing Helix™ Tracker system

Helix™ Carport

Designed by architects, Helix™ Carport delivers industry-leading aesthetics, reliability and lifetime energy.Cleanly designed Helix™ Carport

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