Solar Project Helps YMCA of San Diego County Offer More Services

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The YMCA has happily discovered what many other school, nonprofit and government solar customers know well: When you save money with solar, your organization can pass on those savings to the public by expanding services. The YMCA of San Diego County, which recently had nearly 2.5 megawatts of SunPower® solar installed across six of its campuses, plans [...]

Get Longer Solar Panel Lifespan With SunPower

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Wondering how long solar panels last? Solar panel life expectancy relies on the solar cells inside. In this solar cell comparison video, we line up a SunPower® cell against a conventional cell to test which breaks first under stress. If you want a longer solar panel lifespan, choose SunPower. Contact Precis Solar or call us at (951) [...]

A Quick Guide to Solar Storage Batteries

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In select U.S. markets the SunPower By Precis home solar energy system can now be paired with industry leading solar battery storage providers such as Sonnen or Tesla. Read this accompanying blog post to learn more about how home storage batteries work and check out this easy-to-understand infographic. Visit Solar Technologies's solar storage webpage to use our [...]

Preparing for Storm Season with Solar + Storage

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This October marked the sixth anniversary of Hurricane Sandy, the record-setting “superstorm” that wrecked parts of New York and New Jersey, and there is always the looming question: “What if it happens again?" The 2018/2019 storm season is expected to be slightly more active than average, and it’s only a matter of time before a new storm takes over [...]

SunPower Customers Among Top 10 U.S. Companies Going Solar

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The Solar Energy Industries Association today released its fourth annual Solar Means Business report, and a number of SunPower corporate customers top the list of U.S. companies that have installed the most solar. According to SEIA, there has been a 59 percent increase in corporate and business solar installations since 2014, and a 183 percent increase since the first Solar Means Business report [...]

New 10-Megawatt SunPower® Solar Plant Generating Power for OG&E

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OGE Energy Corp. (NYSE: OGE) electric utility subsidiary Oklahoma Gas & Electric (OG&E) and SunPower Corp. (NASDAQ:SPWR) today announced completion of a 10-megawatt (AC) solar photovoltaic power plant in Covington, Okla. Approximately 85 jobs were created during peak construction of the facility. "With Covington online, we now have 12.5-megawatts of solar generation in our portfolio, all of which [...]

How long will Congress protect tax credits for renewables and EVs?

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Recent statements from the White House and U.S. senators have created a growing level of uncertainty around the duration of federal tax credits for renewable energy sources and electric vehicles (EVs). At stake are several elements of the clean energy policy put into place during the past decade to promote the benefits of renewable energy. According [...]

Sustainable Solar Power Around the World

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All solar produces clean energy, but SunPower raises the bar when it comes to how sustainably we design, manufacture and install our solar power systems. Through our “beneficial by design” approach we we aim to be a regenerative force on the environment and society. Driven by this approach, Light on Land™ is SunPower’s signature program for solar power plant development where we build on previously disturbed lands, minimize disruptive [...]

Federal Solar Tax Credit Being Reduced after 2019

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With the onset of this new year there is an important solar update that homeowners should be aware of. After 2019, the Federal Solar Tax Credit will be going down. The Federal Solar Tax Credit (also known as the Investment Tax Credit or ITC) will go from 30% to 26% after 2019. Disclaimer: This content is [...]

How businesses and public entities can pay for solar

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So your organization is considering going solar, but there’s concern about how to pay for it and a bit of confusion about the solar financing options available. That’s pretty common, so here’s a quick primer on the main ways a business, educational institution or public organization can pay for solar, including purchasing or leasing a system, [...]