Frequently Asked Solar Questions

Thinking of installing solar panels but have questions on how the process works? SunPower by Precis has a complied the most frequently asked solar installation questions and answers to help make the process even easier.

Frequently Asked Questions About Solar Installation

Will the utility company send me a check if I produce more power than I use?2017-12-28T14:16:25+00:00

Currently, if you produce more power than you use in any given month, the utility will bank that electricity and you can draw down that electricity credit for up to one year. However, a new policy may be forthcoming which allows the utility to buy back extra electricity.

Will solar panels increase the value of my home?2017-12-28T14:16:40+00:00

Absolutely! Depending on the location and appraised value of your home, solar panels can add as much as $15,000 to a home’s value.

How long can I expect your solar panels to last?2017-12-28T14:14:44+00:00

Panels typically last from 25-30 years with little loss in performance.

With solar panels, will I still have power if the utility power goes out?2018-06-22T10:43:09+00:00

Only if you buy an off grid system with battery backup. Precis Solar offers systems both with and without battery backup. Systems with battery backup are somewhat more expensive but they give you the peace of mind of never being without power.

What is the safety disconnect switch?2017-12-28T07:32:47+00:00

The AC safety (or disconnect) switch is a manual switch that can be used to disconnect a building’s electrical system from the solar electricity system.

What kind of solar panels will be installed?2017-12-28T14:19:30+00:00

The engineers at Precis are always studying the science of solar energy, as the field grows and technology changes. We only use the industry’s best solar products – Photovoltaic panels that have been proven to stand the test of time and weather any storm.

Are there still incentives available?2017-12-28T14:19:12+00:00

Yes! Currently there is a 30% Federal Tax Credit available. Incentives vary by your electric company, and are dropping as more rebates are reserved. If you are ready to take advantage of these incentives, then the time to act is now!

What are my financing options?2017-12-28T14:16:58+00:00

Precis Solar has a variety of financing options to offer, including $0 down leases, full-prepaid leases and other loan programs. Ask your sales representative which program is right for you!

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