SunPower® is excited to announce our latest innovation, the all-in-one Equinox™ Storage home solar system, now available with limited availability in California and a nationwide release in 2020. If you’re considering going solar, here are four compelling reasons why you should choose Equinox™ Storage:

Reason 1: Achieve Energy Independence

Bid farewell to the unpredictability of utility bills. With Equinox™ Storage, excess solar energy generated during the day is stored in your battery. This stored energy can be utilized during expensive peak hours, reducing your reliance on the grid and offering significant savings. By generating your own power and having the ability to store it, you gain control over your energy costs.

Reason 2: Ensure Power During Outages

Are you concerned about sudden power outages? Equinox™ Storage offers seamless backup power. In the event of a blackout, you can effortlessly switch to using solar power stored in your battery to power essential appliances. Depending on the system size and your settings, you might even have enough stored electricity to power your entire home for a limited period. While others fumble in the dark, you can enjoy uninterrupted power, offering peace of mind during outages.

Reason 3: Take Control of Your Energy

Equinox™ Storage puts you in charge of your electricity usage like never before. Whether you desire independence from the grid, worry about power outages, or simply want to maximize savings, Equinox™ Storage offers unprecedented control. This sleek and minimalist white box, mounted in your garage, provides you with the freedom to manage your energy efficiently, ultimately saving more on your electric bill compared to a standalone solar system.

Reason 4: Trust SunPower’s Comprehensive Solution

Unlike many solar companies that cobble together components from various sources, SunPower® offers a seamlessly integrated solution. Equinox™ Storage is designed as part of a complete solar solution from one company—SunPower®. When you choose Equinox™ Storage, you are investing in a comprehensive system backed by SunPower’s reputation for excellence. Our solar plus storage ecosystem works harmoniously, and we’re the only company to offer this level of integration. Most importantly, it’s all covered by our single warranty: The SunPower® Complete Confidence Warranty.

Make the smart choice for your energy future. Consider Equinox™ Storage by SunPower® and experience the freedom, reliability, and control of solar energy combined with cutting-edge storage technology.

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